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3 Guidelines for Accepting Telehealth Payments

by Gene Chapman

Telemedicine visits are an increasingly popular way for patients to get the medical care they need without leaving their homes. Issues that don't require an in-person doctor visit can be dealt with via a video conference session.

If you're a medical provider and want to conduct telemedicine services, it's essential to establish policies for telehealth payments. Follow these guidelines when setting guidelines regarding telemedicine payments from your patients.

1. Determine What Insurance Companies Will Pay for Telehealth Services

Even with the rise in telehealth visits, some insurance companies won't cover telemedicine visits, or they might refuse to cover them at an acceptable rate. You'll need to determine which insurance companies in your area will pay for telehealth services. Depending on your practice, you might have the option to expand your services to patients outside your geographical region. 

If you believe that a portion of your patients won't have insurance coverage for telemedicine visits, you might offer a self-pay rate for these patients. This will increase the affordability of your service while ensuring that you don't miss out on revenue from these individuals. 

2. Decide What Forms of Payment You'll Accept

Another detail to ponder is what forms of payment you'll accept and when you expect the payment to be made. Many telehealth providers require payment prior to the session, though established patients may be permitted to pay after the appointment.

Some of the most popular options for telehealth sessions include credit cards, debit cards, e-checks, electronic payments, and money transfer apps. When deciding what payment options to accept, take into account the fees associated with the payment method and the overall customer experience with the payment provider. 

3. Evaluate the Usefulness of Telehealth Visit Packages

Depending on the patient's ailment, they may need numerous telehealth sessions to improve their health. Patients who require counseling are one example of individuals who will likely need multiple sessions. Physical therapy patients will also require numerous telehealth appointments to build their strength. 

You may want to offer telehealth visit packages for patients who know they will need more than a couple of sessions. This prevents your practice from having to bill for each individual session, and you might be able to offer patients who commit to multiple sessions a discount. Offering a slight discount will enable you to build your long-term client base. 

Patients will also appreciate the affordability of purchasing a package of sessions that will meet their medical needs. If desired, you can offer a payment plan to patients who purchase a package of visits to make this option more affordable.

If you're interested in setting up telehealth visits for your medical practice, consult a company in your area who offers telemedicine payments services.