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What Techniques Do Forensic Document Examiners Use To Fight Fraud?

by Gene Chapman

Forensic document examiners and handwriting analysts are professionals who can provide valuable assistance in various legal and criminal matters. They use scientific methods and techniques to examine, compare, and identify documents and handwriting related to a crime scene, a dispute, or a fraud. They can also detect and reveal document and signature alterations, forgeries, or counterfeits. 

Situations Where Forensic Document Examiners Are Useful

Forensic document examiners and handwriting analysts can work in different settings, such as law enforcement agencies, private laboratories, courts, or independent consultants. They can offer their services to attorneys, prosecutors, judges, investigators, or individuals who need expert opinions or testimony on document or handwriting issues.

Analyzing the Document

Forensic document examiners use scientific and analytical techniques to determine the source, origin, or authenticity of a document or signature. They examine a document's physical characteristics, such as paper type, ink, and handwriting, to determine if it is genuine or a forgery.

They also analyze the document's content to identify any inconsistencies or irregularities that may suggest tampering or alteration. Additionally, they may use advanced technology, such as spectral analysis or digital imaging, to uncover hidden details or detect forgeries. 

Understanding the Characteristics of the Document or Signature

Forensic document examiners use various techniques to analyze a document's age, date, sequence, or signature. One standard method is to examine the ink and paper used in the document or signature to determine their age and composition.

Another technique is to look for evidence of erasures or alterations that may indicate a change in the document's content or sequence. Additionally, examiners may use handwriting analysis to compare the signature in question to known samples of the individual's handwriting, which can help determine whether the signature is authentic.

Detecting Erased Text

Forensic document examiners use various techniques to detect erased text. One standard method is to use infrared imaging, which can reveal hidden writing by detecting differences in ink saturation. Another approach is to use chemical reagents that react with the ink, revealing previously erased or overwritten text. Additionally, examiners may use electrostatic detection analysis (ESDA) to detect impressions left on paper by the pressure of writing. 

Identifying Other Examples of Fraud

Other services provided by forensic document examiners include identifying the type of writing instrument or office machine used to produce a document, examining and reconstructing damaged documents, and evaluating the psychological or behavioral traits of a writer.

Forensic document examiners and handwriting analysts can provide crucial evidence or information to help solve crimes, prevent fraud, resolve disputes, or protect rights. They can also assist in verifying the validity of important documents such as wills, contracts, checks, passports, licenses, ballots, or certificates.

Forensic document examiners and handwriting analysts are important members of the forensic science community who protect society. Their work is challenging but rewarding, as they use their expertise and creativity to uncover the truth behind documents and handwriting in order to fight fraud.

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