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Track Your Time: Why Switch To Span-A-Year Calendars

by Gene Chapman

If you use traditional calendars in the office, it's time for a change. Traditional month-to-month calendars serve a purpose. For instance, they allow your staff to track their own appointments. But, for office use, you need to take a different approach. You need to choose a span-a-year calendar instead. Span-a-year calendars offer benefits that traditional month-to-month calendars fall short on. If you don't have any span-a-year calendars in the office, read the list provided below.  

See the Year in a Glance

When you run a busy office, you don't always have time to flip through calendars. You need to get information as fast as possible. That's where a span-a-year calendar comes into the picture. One of the great things about this type of calendar is that you can see the entire year in one glance. That means you can avoid delays when dealing with scheduling issues. This is especially beneficial when scheduling appointments several months out. 

Coordinate Appointments

When you own a business, you need to coordinate schedules and appointments. That's difficult to do when you're using traditional month-to-month calendars. Unfortunately, a lack of coordination can cause scheduling conflicts with your staff. That's why you need a span-a-year calendar in your office. When you use this type of calendar, you can track schedules for all your staff. This process helps end scheduling conflicts. It also helps your office run more efficiently. 

Make Necessary Changes

If you're still using paper calendars, making changes can turn into a struggle. This is especially true with regard to paper calendars. That's where laminated span-a-year calendars come into the picture. With laminated calendars, you can make last-minute changes. You can also add information as needed. Laminated wall calendars also allow you to make notes along the margin. This helps track issues as they arise. 

Improve Time Management

If you run into time management issues around the office, now's the time to change your calendar system. Your office staff can track their own schedules. But, time management gets more difficult when more than one schedule gets involved. A span-a-year calendar can help with time management issues. This type of calendar lets your staff mark the appointments in one central location. That way, your staff can account for their time. 

Don't take chances with your schedule. If you're trying to run a more efficient office, it's time to switch to a span-a-year calendar. When you make the switch, you'll enjoy the benefits described above.

Contact a local calendar service to learn more about span-a-year calendars.