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Choosing A Better Company

Why You Should Call A Chimney Sweep Every Year

by Gene Chapman

With fall weather settling in, more homeowners are preparing for woodstove and fireplace season. If you've been thinking about lighting that first fire of the year, you should wait until you've called a chimney sweep. The role of a chimney sweep is an important one, and one that can protect your family and your home. Here are a few of the many reasons why you should call a chimney sweep once a year.

Prevents Chimney Fires

Perhaps the single biggest reason to hire a chimney sweep once a year is because cleaning your chimney helps to prevent chimney fires. Since chimney fires are a leading cause of household fire damage, this is important. As your woodstove burns, creosote residue from the smoke will settle inside your chimney. While certain temperatures from your fire will help to burn that residue away, your woodstove won't always burn hot enough to do that. That's why you need a chimney sweep. They will remove the creosote residue that poses a fire hazard inside your chimney. 

Eliminates Blockages

Residue from your fireplace or woodstove can actually close off your chimney if left long enough. When that happens, those blockages can cause smoke to back up into your home. When you call a chimney sweep, they will clean out the entire chimney, removing any blockages in the process. This ensures adequate airflow and vacuum to draw the smoke out of your chimney instead of allowing it to back up into your home.

Protects Your Family's Health

The smoke backup that can happen with your wood stove or fireplace can be hazardous to your family's health. The chemicals and byproducts in that smoke can be dangerous, leading to long-term complications, especially for those with respiratory issues. Keeping your chimney clean reduces this risk and helps to keep the air inside your home clear and clean.

Identifies Any Surprise Guests

You may not realize it, but during the offseason when your fireplace isn't used, your chimney can seem like a great place for wildlife to seek refuge. Birds may nest in your chimney, rodents can take up residence, and you may end up with all sorts of different unwanted guests. Usually, a chimney cap discourages this, but it doesn't always prevent it. A chimney sweep will clear out any surprise guests from your chimney when they clean it.

The right chimney sweep services will clear your home's chimney and ensure that your fireplace or wood stove will be safe to use for the season.