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Choosing A Better Company

CDL Jobs: Understanding Your Choices

by Gene Chapman

If you're looking for a new career path and have decided that driving a semi-truck might be the right path for you, it's important for you to start thinking about the ways that you can pursue this new career. There are a few different solutions for truck driving jobs, and it's in your best interest to understand the differences. That way, you can more effectively choose the right opportunity for you and you'll reduce the risk of finding yourself in a position that just isn't what you had in mind. Here are some of the things that you should know.

Long-Haul or Over-The-Road

This is what most people think of when they think about truck driving jobs. Long-haul trucking, also called over-the-road trucking, involves taking loads that could be picked up on one coast and delivered to the other, or anything in between. These types of positions will give you the opportunity to travel all over the country, which is great when you're looking for a chance to see areas you've never seen before.

You'll typically run for six to eight weeks at a time before you are permitted home time, where you can go home and spend a week or two off the road. You usually don't get paid for that home time, because you're not hauling, so be prepared for that financial hit.

Regional Trucking

If you're not sure you're comfortable with being away from home for six to eight weeks at a run, you might want to think about regional trucking jobs instead. These positions usually have you out on the road for a week at a time, and then you go home for your 72-hour reset, which gives you three days at home after a week on the road. Many drivers find this to be an ideal compromise between the local trucking solutions and the long-haul opportunities.

Local Jobs

Some trucking companies have local jobs available which ensure that you are home every night. If you are looking for an opportunity to drive a semi-truck for a living but you don't want the on-the-road lifestyle that comes with it, local jobs are the way to go. However, they can be among the more difficult positions to find. Many companies that hire local drivers are looking for drivers who have at least a few months, if not a year, of over-the-road experience first. You may want to look at your options to see if you need to spend some time hauling cross-country first.

These are some of the things every prospective truck driver should know about their job options. Check out the intermodal trucking jobs near you to see what might be available.