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Choosing A Better Company

What Customers Should Understand About Water Well Drilling

by Gene Chapman

Water well drilling entails a lot more than bringing in professionals with a rig and putting a hole in the ground. Customers need to understand a few basic things about the process.

Inherently Speculative

Until you've hit water and tested it for your purposes, everything about the process is inherently speculative. You can make an educated guess about where water ought to be and at what depth. However, it's common for a water well drilling services provider to have to push deeper than the initial projection. Likewise, even if you hit water, it doesn't guarantee it won't be affected by the presence of potential contaminants like coal, natural gas, or minerals.

Whenever possible, you want to go into a project with more than one well site in mind. If you can't identify additional sites, you may want to hold off on planned activities, such as building a house, until you've found a proven well. A proven well should provide clean, usable water at a pressure that's practical for your purposes. Similarly, you'll need to find a sufficiently large deposit that can replenish itself after use.

Surveys and Studies

The smart move is to collect as much data about the region's water as possible. State and federal databases provide good starting points. Also, people familiar with hydrology can study the site and make reasoned guesses about where water might be. For example, if you see a patch of trees in a spot where nothing else is growing, that might be a sign of water underneath.

Planning and Time

Even under the best of circumstances, water well drilling takes time. The company will need to study the access roads to ensure they can get a rig in and out. Also, they'll need to confirm the ground at the drilling site is stable enough to support the rig. The machine is central to their business, and they won't take unnecessary risks with it.

Once the rig is in place, expect the job to take time. Especially if you're trying to drill several hundred feet, the operator will need to bring drill pipe and extra bits. If you're drilling into hard rock, expect the job to demand more time and materials, too.

If you find a good well, you'll also need to prepare it for water extraction. The drilling pipes have to come out, and you will need to replace them with water pipes. Some sites may need cement casements to provide stability, too. You'll also want to plan how you're going to pipe the water to its destination.

For more information on water well drilling services, contact a company near you.