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Choosing A Better Company

2 Traits Of A Successful Business Sales Director

by Gene Chapman

A sales director not only manages a company's sales team but may also help plan product launches and perform tasks to help sell products on their own. For this reason, every business that relies on product or service sales to generate income needs a good sales director. However, not all business owners and managers understand exactly what qualities to look for in a potential sales director that can help ensure the job candidate has the potential to lead the sales team and entire business to success. 

Read on to learn about two traits you should look for in a successful sales director and why. 

1. People Management Skills

You should ideally look for a sales director who has experience not only on the sales floor but also managing people. While there is nothing wrong with promoting a current salesperson to a sales director or hiring a new director who only has experience on the sales floor so far, remember that the sales director will spend much more time managing and coaching the sales team than they will spend on the sales floor. 

For this reason, when scanning the resumes of potential new sales directors, ideally, look for candidates with past management experience along with sales experience. Additional clues that a job candidate may have the skills needed to manage a sales team successfully include past college majors in psychology, liberal arts, communications, or political science. When studying these topics, college students learn many skills, such as leadership and diplomacy, that good sales managers should have. 

2. Technological Savviness

Every successful sales director today must be technologically savvy. While you should not expect your new sales director to have an IT degree or experience repairing computers, the ideal sales director candidate should know how to use a computer and various types of popular sales software. In addition, they should understand how to use today's most popular social media websites. 

Sales management software is used by many sales directors today to keep track of and identify sales trends, record customer contacts, track the sales of team members, and much more. Use of this software can give your sales director insight into when and why sales increase on certain days of the week, which team members are meeting their quotas, and additional facts they can use to improve their sales strategy. 

In addition, when your sales director understands how to use social media to promote your business and products, you can look forward to an online presence that helps generate new sales. 

If you plan to hire a new sales director for your business soon, then be sure to hire a director with the people management skills and technological savviness needed to help lead your sales team and business to success. 

To get help finding a sales director, contact a sales executive search service.