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Boat Cabin Cover Repair And Replacement Guide

by Gene Chapman

Boat covers, such as Sea Ray factory original canvas covers, are usually installed over a frame. They are meant to be erected over the cabin and sometimes the deck to provide shade and weather protection without impeding the view. Over time, these covers can wear out and lower the value of your boat. 

Signs of Damage

Knowing the signs of canvas damage helps ensure that any problems are spotted early. Some signs are quite obvious, such as tears in the canvas, cracked vinyl windscreens, and torn or missing fasteners. You should check the cover for these most obvious damages each time you erect the boat cover over the cabin or boat deck.

Other damages may not be immediately obvious. Waterproofing can wear off other times, which means you may get leaks under the cover. These often first occur along any seams. Mold and mildew growth may also be an issue, which is usually obvious on light-colored covers but you may not notice it right away on darker covers. Hazing and scratches on the vinyl windscreens may also develop so gradually that you don't notice until it's impossible to see through them.

Repair or Replace

When damage is found, the first decision to be made is whether to repair or replace. A repair is an option for minor damages, such as renewing the waterproofing or replacing a missing fastener. You can also have small tears or punctures patched and sealed so that you can get a few more years of life from your cover before replacing it.

Major tears are usually best fixed by replacing the cover. If the frame is in good condition, you can replace only the canvas. Frame damage typically means a full cover replacement. Damages to the vinyl windscreens that inhibit visibility also typically mean that it is time for a new cover.

Replacement Options

There are aftermarket canvas covers, but these may not fit your existing frame perfectly. Further, they are often designed to fit many makes and models of a boat, so they won't look as good or fit as tightly as the factory original.

The best option is to contact the manufacturer of your boat and order the original canvas cover. It will fit your existing cover frame perfectly, and it will likely carry a manufacturer's warranty. In some cases, the replacement may even be covered under an existing warranty depending on the type of damage and age of the boat. 

Contact the manufacturer of your boat so you can get a factory original replacement canvas cover.