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Choosing A Better Company

Tips When Buying An Industrial Work Stand For The Aircraft Industry

by Gene Chapman

The aircraft industry involves a lot of useful ground support equipment. Perhaps one of the most important is an industrial work stand as it lets technicians reach all aspects of a plane for maintenance and repair. If you need to buy one to aid your aircraft operations, then review these tips. 

Look for Flexible Height Adjustment

There are multiple height ranges that you'll need to get to when working on any sort of plane. The wing has a different height than the front nose, for example. You thus want to find an industrial work stand that has flexible height adjustment.

You'll then have no trouble reaching any part of the plane that has to be serviced before it can take off the runway. A lot of these stands feature automatic height adjustment, which is nice because you won't have to manually change heights when your work requirements change.

Go With Built-to-Last Materials

You want to buy one industrial work stand for your aircraft operations and have it hold up for as long as possible. That means going out and getting built-to-last materials. Some materials are better than others for keeping industrial work stands in optimal condition.

One of these is heavy-duty steel. It will help support a lot of weight but also extend the lifespan of the work stand you choose. If your aircraft operations take place outside in any capacity, then you definitely want steel or another metal that is weatherproof to keep rust and corrosion from coming into the picture.

Ensure Fall Protection Is Included

Working high up on an industrial work stand can be a little intimidating. You want to know you'll always be safe on this platform, which requires you to get a work stand with as many fall protection features as possible. A good start is high railings around the stairs and platform.

They'll keep you in a safe range while you work on planes, even when high up in the air. Included safety harness also makes a difference in keeping you safe. If you were to fall off the stand, the harness would catch you and save you from significant injuries.

Working on planes is made a lot easier thanks to the availability of industrial work stands. You'll find different materials, heights, and other features with them. Just plan out this ground support equipment purchase so that it doesn't give you any trouble. 

Reach out to a local aviation equipment supplier to learn more about ground support equipment for sale.