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Choosing A Better Company

Key Tower Painting Services To Outsource To Tower Painting Contractors

by Gene Chapman

The transmission towers that your company owns can indicate much to your public. To keep them in the best condition possible, you need to service and maintain them regularly. Part of keeping them well-maintained and presentable to your public involves applying new paint to them as needed. You can outsource your transmission tower painting to a business that can offer you a multitude of professional tower painting services.

Removal of Old Paint

When your company buys and takes over existing transmission towers, you may want to have them repainted to make them more presentable and serviceable. Before they can be repainted, however, they must be stripped of any old paint already on them. 

The process of removing decades' old paint from the outside of a transmission tower can be an arduous job. Your own employees may lack the equipment, skills, and time to carry out this job on their own. Rather than entrust it to them, you can hire professional tower painting contractors for the job.

The tower painting services that you hire can strip away all of the old paint from the towers that you just purchased. The contractors can then prime and ready the surfaces to prepare them for applying new paint.

Fast and Thorough Painting

The primary job for which the tower painting services will perform is painting your company's towers. They use durable and weather-resistant paint that will last for years without needing to be retouched or replaced. They can also paint the towers any range of colors that you choose.

The paint applied to these structures can make them more resistant to detrimental elements like intense rain, heat, and sunlight. Your towers also avoid incurring damages like rust, chips, and dents that can compromise their structural integrity.

Paint Inspection

Finally, the tower painting contractors that you hire can inspect your company's towers and determine if or when new paint may need to be applied. They have equipment like ropes, harnesses, and platforms to inspect every rung and pole in the tower. They can identify areas that need to be repainted right away and areas of a tower that can last for several more years before needing servicing.

These projects are some that professional tower painting services can offer to you. The tower painting workers can get rid of the existing paint. They can also apply new paint and inspect the towers for signs of disrepair.

For more information about transmission tower painting, contact a local tower painting service.