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Choosing A Better Company

Typical Credentials And Professional Traits Of The Best Real Estate Sales Executive

by Gene Chapman

Real estate executives are a higher-ranking professional in the world of real estate. Even though all agents in real estate tend to have a lot of similar traits and credentials, executives are usually tasked with more in-depth aspects of a real estate firm's overall operations. These executives can have different job titles, and most firms will look to a real estate executive recruiter for help finding just the right person to fill these roles. Take a look at just a few of the typical credentials and professional traits of the best real estate sales executive.

1. The executive should have good interpersonal skills. 

In business, interpersonal skills are the personal skills you possess that help you communicate and work well with others. For example, a good interpersonal skill is having a good ability to listen attentively or discerningly or having a compassionate outlook. Real estate executives can be tasked with working with other agents in a firm, people looking to buy or sell a home, and even other industry professionals like real estate appraisers or lenders. While pretty much all people have some interpersonal skills, those recruited by a specializing recruiting agency will have skills most fitting for the role in the industry.

2. The executive should have certifications and credentials from the proper governing entities. 

Every state has different requirements for real estate agents, but most do have to pass an exam and gain a license to practice in the state. On the most basic level, a real estate executive will have their license to practice in the state, but most that enter the executive league of professionals will also have degrees from higher education. For example, you may find an executive recommended by a recruitment agency has a master's degree in business or marketing. 

3. The executive should have a higher level of industry experience. 

Most real estate professionals do not initially start their careers as executives; they work their way to that point. The firms looking for these professionals most often want someone who has ample experience in the industry. Therefore, the best real estate executives usually have several years of experience to bring along with them. Companies that perform real estate executive searches most often focus on professional candidates who have industry insight because of their prior experience. However, this experience does not always come from working as an executive; some candidates have simply been a part of the industry on some level for quite some time.

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