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Tips For Taking A Shaved Ice Machine Camping

by Gene Chapman

If you're planning a camping trip with your family, you'll want to have a variety of fun snacks ready for your kids to enjoy. One option to consider if you really want to surprise your children a shaved ice machine that you can take along on the outing. You may be able to power the machine with a power converter plugged into your car or with an extension cord to outlets available on the camping ground. Having a shaved ice machine on hand will allow your kids to enjoy a cool, sweet treat — and you'll appreciate that they're eating this treat outdoors where it won't make a major mess. Here are some tips for overseeing the use of this machine while camping.

Take A Cooler

You'll definitely want to pack the essential ingredients for making shaved ice treats in a cooler. Even a small cooler can hold a bag of ice and your bottles of flavored syrup. The last thing that you want to do is buy a bag of ice and have it melt before you can use your shaved ice machine — or to fail to keep the syrup cold, resulting in it being hot when you quirt it on the shaved ice. Many families take coolers with them when they camp, so make sure to allow space for your ice and syrup when you pack your cooler.

Reuse Cups And Spoons

When you buy shaved ice treats from a food truck or other vendor, it's common for this frozen snack to be served in a paper cup with a straw. Being a conscientious camper is all about reducing the amount of waste that you produce, so it's important to give some thought to how you serve your shaved ice. Pack some reusable plastic cups and spoons that you can use for this dessert and then wash out afterward. Doing so will reduce the amount of waste that you generate while you camp — especially if you plan to use the shaved ice machine multiple times.

Wash Down Sticky Spills

Ideally, your children will be able to enjoy their shaved ice without making a mess. However, this is a dessert that some children can spill on themselves or on the ground as they eat. If this occurs, make sure to gather some water from the lake and rinse down any sticky spills. Should you fail to do so, these spots may attract ants, bees, or other pests — which is definitely something that you don't want in your campsite.

For more ideas or information about a shaved ice machine for your trip, contact a local resource.