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Xbox One, Xbox 360: Where Are The Other 358 Xboxes?

by Gene Chapman

There is a running joke, among those who love products that number themselves in succession. Mobile phones, for instance, almost always start with an original, and work their way up numerically to the current model. That being said, the joke about game consoles is related to the fact that there is an Xbox One game console and an Xbox 360, but no game consoles numbered two through three-hundred-fifty-nine. It actually has a lot more to do with what the consoles can do than their updated model numbers (although those in the know still think it a funny inside joke). 

The 360 Came First

Rather than lead into numerical succession like so many other electronic products, this manufacturer titled its 2005 machine in the three-hundreds first. It was fairly advanced, at the time, having motion sensor controls and highly advanced, three-dimensional, virtual graphics and a lot more memory and storage capacity than competitors' consoles. However, it also had a lot of bugs, such as overheating problems and not enough capacity to store several digital games plus accompanying audio. Players often had to select items stored in files to delete if they wanted to make room for a new game or new audio file. 

Eight Years Later, the Next Model

This manufacturer has not updated their game console for several years now, making "the One" the only one people can play. Slight updates in software and hardware created variants, but nothing major or exceedingly different in technology has occurred since 2013. Still, the backwards compatibility of games, software, audio, controllers, etc., have made it possible to play whatever you want and still get the most of this six-year-old system. If you are just getting into game consoles of this type, the one benefit you can enjoy is the much lower price than when it originally debuted in 2013. 

The Summation of Differences Is More Tech Than Styling

High-tech versus higher-tech with a little low-tech thrown in is what separates these consoles. It is more about the tech inside the consoles and what that tech can do than it is about the name or about the styling and design of the consoles. One big difference that people enjoyed most about the most recent console model is that it takes voice commands and controls all other equipment connected to it, making it one of the first "smart" devices brought into the homes of people all over the world.