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Advantages & Disadvantages Of Customized Mezzanine Lifts

by Gene Chapman

Having an implemented mezzanine lift in your warehouse, production facility, or industrial operation is a hugely beneficial thing. You have the option of ordering a prefabricated lift for your operation or opting for a customized version. Take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of the customized mezzanine lift option that will apply for most business owners. 

Advantage: A customized mezzanine lift will work perfectly well with your current setup.

A huge disadvantage of ordering a prefabricated mezzanine lift is the fact that once it gets to your facility, your current setup may have to be adjusted to accommodate the lift. This can result in an ill-fitting setup or a setup that is not as functional as it really should be. When you go for a customized version, it is created specifically to the specifications of your existing setup, so you will have fewer concerns with functionality.

Disadvantage: Having a mezzanine lift custom built can take a little time to complete.

One of the few disadvantages of opting for a custom-built mezzanine lift is that it will take longer to get up and running than a prefabricated version would. This is to be expected since prior measurements will first have to be taken and then the actual lift will have to be built according to those standards. Most business owners are perfectly willing to wait a bit to get a more fitting option for their business operation.

Advantage: These customized lifts will likely come with a good warranty for protection.

One of the things that many business owners like about investing in a customized mezzanine lift that is built by a professional team is the fact that these lifts tend to come with a pretty generous warranty. When you are paying for a custom implement like this, it is always a helpful thing if that implement is offered with a good warranty to protect it against failure and problems later on.

Disadvantage: Customized mezzanine lifts tend to be a more costly option.

As it usually goes with a customized implement in an industrial operation, you are going to be paying more for a customized lift than what you will for a lift that is prefabricated and set up in your facility. The customized versions take longer to build and require more man-hours, so it makes sense and is pretty practical that these units will cost more than something you just go out and buy to have installed. The extra time and money may be worth it for the custom options and fit.

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