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Does Your Well Water Need To Be Treated?

by Gene Chapman

A safe and reliable supply of drinking water is critical to the health of your family. Whether you want to enjoy a cold, refreshing glass of ice water or you are preparing dinner, water is an integral part of your day. Homeowners that rely on a private well to supply their drinking water need to be vigilant in monitoring the quality of the water that the well produces each day.

Unlike municipal water supplies that are tested regularly for contamination, a private well has no regulatory body monitoring water quality. If you notice any of these issues with your water supply, reach out for help in treating your well water.

Change in Taste

The taste of drinking water can vary from one location to another. This is due to the unique minerals that can be found in a water supply. You probably have grown accustomed to the taste of the water that your well produces, and any change in this taste is cause for concern.

When the water in your well starts to taste funny, this could mean that it has been contaminated with dangerous chemicals or other substances. Stop using the water immediately and contact a professional for help identifying and treating the cause of the flavor change in your well water.

Change in Odor

The water that is produced by a healthy and functional well is essentially odorless. This means that any smells you notice coming from your tap water are warning signs that something is seriously wrong with the well.

One of the more common odors to be watching for is a smell similar to rotten eggs. This smell is indicative of too much hydrogen sulfide in the water. A well professional will be able to test your water supply to determine why it has started to smell, and treat the water to correct the issue so that your drinking water is safe for use once again.

Change in Appearance

When you fill up a glass of water, you expect the water to look clear and free from impurities. Some water will appear cloudy when first coming out of the tap due to oxygen mixing with the water during delivery. Certain types of chemical contaminants can cause the water to remain cloudy for an extended period of time.

Let a glass of water sit for a few minutes to see if the cloudiness goes away. If it does not, then you will need to have your water supply treated by a professional that provides residential water well pumps services and other repairs.