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Common Issues With Your Copier And How To Remedy Them

by Gene Chapman

As one of the most frequently used items in your office, a number of problems can crop up with your copier. If the paper starts to jam, or the print is streaked across the page, you can end up missing an important deadline or presentation. It's good to know a bit about copiers when you rely heavily on one. You should understand how to take out jammed paper, how to fill paper trays up, and who to call if your copier needs to be repaired. When you take care of your copier with good maintenance, you can have a machine that lasts for a number of years without breaking down. 

Keep Your Copier Glass Clean

One of the easiest ways to get clear copies is to make sure that you keep your copier glass clean. Use the cleaner recommended by your copier company and a soft cloth to clean your glass. If you leave streaks on the glass, or you accidentally scratch it, these can show up on the paper that is printed.

Learn How to Change the Toner

Your copier will have  toner cartridge, which provides the ink needed to print copies. It's important to learn how to change the toner safely, as the ink can be toxic. You can have a technician come and change the toner for you. If you use the copier frequently, you will want to learn how to change the toner yourself if possible.

When Your Paper Jams

Sometimes it can seem like you have one paper jam after another with your copier. This can be caused by tiny bits of paper getting stuck in the machine and not getting cleaned out when you clear the machine. If dust has accrued in your copier, you used the wrong sized paper, or even if there is too much humidity in the air, this can all cause paper to get jammed in your machine. If you have consistent jams and you can't figure out why, call to have your copier cleaned and serviced to stop the jamming.

Don't Overwork Your Copier

If you have big jobs that you need to use your copier for, try to spread the jobs out. When your machine is worked hard, it is going to get hot. Give your copier a break once in awhile to avoid a breakdown.

When you have a copier, take good care of it by using the right paper and keeping it clean. If you have problems, contact your service technician to see what is going on.