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Choosing A Better Company

Caring For Your Business's Industrial Batteries

by Gene Chapman

There are many businesses that will rely on powerful batteries to supply energy to important pieces of equipment. However, improper battery usage and care can greatly decrease the lifespan of these devices, which can increase your business's battery costs as well as leading to more frequent disruptions.

Properly Store Any Unused Batteries

For businesses that need to keep a large supply of industrial batteries in storage, improperly storing them can severely decrease the capacity of the batteries. In order to avoid this problem, the batteries will need to be stored in an area that is free of moisture and dramatic temperature changes. Over time, these factors can degrade the batteries so that they will be less effective at storing and releasing energy. The ideal storage conditions for your batteries can vary based on their type, but most manufacturers will provide storage instructions.

Precisely Follow Any Recharging Instructions

Rechargeable batteries can help to reduce your replacement costs as they will allow you to use the same battery repeatedly. Unfortunately, individuals that fail to properly recharge the batteries can degrade them. More precisely, this is often the result of either under or overcharging the batteries. Generally, it is best to remove the battery from the charger as soon as it reaches maximum capacity. To help you with this aspect of caring for the batteries, you can invest in a charge meter that will allow you to determine whether the batteries have been sufficiently recharged. In some instances, you may notice that the batteries are taking longer than normal to charge. This can be a natural byproduct of wear on the battery, and a weakening ability to hold a charge can be an indication that it may be necessary to replace the batteries.                

Keep The Terminals Clean

The terminals on the battery and the battery contacts in the equipment can become extremely dirty. In particular, lime deposits will be a common issue for these components, and the lime can completely block the flow of electricity from the battery. Regularly cleaning the terminals and contacts so that these deposits are removed will prevent this issue from plaguing your equipment. When removing these substances from the terminals, you will want to avoid excessively scrubbing, as this could warp or otherwise damage the terminals and contacts. Rather, a small amount of baking soda can be sprinkled over these components, and this will break up the lime deposits that may have formed so that they will be easier to remove.

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