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It isn't always easy to know how to make things better, but if you know how to look for problems, you can resolve situations proactively. Although this advice works in many respects, I have found it especially helpful while running my own business. Although I am far from an expert on business, it never ceases to amaze me how difficult running your own company can really be. I wanted to start a website to help others to know how to choose a better company, so I made this blog. Check out these posts for great tips on succeeding in business every day.


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Choosing A Better Company

3 Tips For Starting Freelance Writing

by Gene Chapman

Freelance writing is an appealing career for many people because most of the work can be done from the comfort of your home. If you are ready to dive into the freelance life, there are several strategies to improve your success.

Cultivate Your Writing

When you are new to writing, especially if you do not have an English background, becoming a freelance writer can be more challenging. There are many content platforms that will help you understand what it is like to write different types of content and work with clients or editors. Feedback about your writing is also a valuable tool because it can improve your ability to edit your own work and help you develop different writing styles. Try to become a writer on as many platforms as possible, because the type of work available varies widely. Another way to cultivate your writing is to seek out websites that discuss various types of writing. For example, white copy, resumes, technical writing, and copywriting are all different and it helps if you can become familiar with what is expected for each.

Start A Website

Once you feel a little more confident in your writing, it is time to branch out into writing directly for clients. One way to do this is to build your own website so you can showcase your skills, tell clients more about yourself, and establish your pricing. Unless you have published work in print or online, you may not have samples of your work. If so, think of a few engaging topics and write short articles so you will have a way for clients to gauge your writing abilities. As far as pricing goes, look to other freelancers for ideas on pricing your work. It is always important not to undervalue your work. When you undervalue your work, you often end up bogged down and cannot make a livable wage. Make sure you take into consideration the amount of research that goes into certain topics, because this should be factored into your overall pricing.

Look For Extra Opportunities

It is generally considered unwise to do work purely for exposure when someone approaches you with an opportunity. This does not mean you should bypass all opportunities if they are unpaid; just make sure when you do unpaid work, it is something about which you are truly passionate. Extra opportunities, especially if they are unpaid, should not cut into your paid work, but they should not force you to lose sleep in order to meet deadlines. For example, you might see a non-profit that helps animals. If you are passionate about animals, you might offer to help them rewrite some of the content on their website as long as you can receive credit. Many of these organizations would be happy for the opportunity, especially since they rarely have the budget to pay for these services. In this situation, everyone wins.

If you're looking for new online business opportunities, starting as a freelance writer can be intimidating. Gaining experience and confidence through online content platforms can help you start approaching bigger clients.