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Why Do Today's Computer Batteries Last So Much Longer?

by Gene Chapman

If you are in your 30s, or perhaps even your 20s, then you likely remember the days when rechargeable batteries --- like those in your laptop -- would only last three hours or less. In the early 2000s, if your laptop battery lasted five hours, you had an amazing (and probably very expensive) computer. Now, five hours would be considered a short battery life. What has changed? What have batteries started to last so much longer? It all comes down to the following changes.

Different Anode and Cathode Materials

The battery contains of two poles: the anode and the cathode. Electrons leave the anode, which is the negatively charged part of the battery, and are accepted by the cathode, which is the positively charged end of the battery. Over the years, the materials used to make the anode have changed. Years ago, batteries primarily used materials like zinc and magnesium. T

Today, new metals are being used. Many of the longest-lasting batteries now use lithium in the cathode. Lithium is better at accepting charge than other positively charged substances, so lithium-ion batteries last longer. Scientists have also begun experimenting with new anode materials in place of the graphite that is used to today's long-lasting batteries. Silicon anodes, for example, make for very, very powerful batteries. Lithium-silicon batteries are still in development but will offer an even longer-lasting battery when they emerge on the market.

More Efficient Computers

It's not just batteries that have been improved. The computers themselves have also been made more efficient. In other words, a computer today demands a lot less energy from a battery than a computer made in the 2000s. So, the same battery would last a lot longer. Computers today also create a lot less heat, so their fans do not have to run as often to cool them down; fans use a lot of battery power.

More Battery Space

Many of the materials used in today's batteries take up less space than those that were used a few decades ago. Since other computer components have become a lot smaller, there is more room left in laptops for the battery. Batteries have gotten a little smaller, but not as much smaller as other computer components. Since there is proportionally more space left for the battery, they can be made a little larger, which results in them lasting longer because there are more charged materials available inside.