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Choosing A Better Company

Want To Donate To Veterans? 3 Tips On Choosing The Charity

by Gene Chapman

Veterans risked their lives every day to give Americans freedom and a great way to thank them is give money to a charity that supports veterans. If you decide to donate to veterans there are many charities available, so it can become confusing on how to pick one. Below are three tips to help you make this choice.

Know Where the Money Is Going

Make sure you ask the charity where the money you donate will go. Some charities may use part of the money to support their organization and then send the other part to the veteran.  Charities need to be supported so you may be fine with this. If you want all the money to go to the veteran, however, then you need to find another charity.

Once you find a charity ask them how they allocate resources. For example, your donation may help purchase things the veterans need, as well as provide money to their families. This can be a big help because some veterans are not able to work due to disability. You may be able to tell the charity where you want your donation to go to.

Choose a Big Budget or Small Charity

When you start looking for charities you will find the major ones that are big budget. If you do your research, you will also find smaller charities. These charities work the same way just do not have as many people on staff and have a smaller building. This type of charity may also have volunteers that work with them.

What you choose makes no difference but because smaller charities will have less overhead they will more than likely send your donations to the veteran instead of keeping part of the money for themselves.

Look at Rating System

There are companies that operates a type of rating system when it comes to charities. This will help you make your choice of which one to choose. These companies look at the charity's tax documents to help them determine how much money comes in and how much money goes out.

Look online for a company that does this, as you will find different ones. They may charge you a fee or they may already have a list of charities they have rated on their website.

Once you find the charity you like, you should consider making monthly donations instead of just one-time donation. This will allow the veterans to receive the money on a regular basis.