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Choosing A Better Company

Does Your Staff Have The Proper Gear for Rainy Weather? Keep Everyone Safe and Dry

by Gene Chapman

If you have a trade business and your employees don't always dress properly for the rain and cold weather, and you have work-related injuries when the cold weather hits, there are some things you can do to keep everyone dry and safer. You don't want to spend a lot of time worrying your employees are properly prepared, and providing them with some of the items they need can be very beneficial to how they work and production levels. Consider the following items for your staff, and buying in bulk can save you money.

Purchase Proper Rain Gear

Your staff has to be dry in the exterior rain conditions, and you want them to have the right gear. Invest your money in moisture-wicking rain gear, with matching sets and colors to represent your business properly while everyone is out working in bad conditions. This can be something you provide to keep them dry, healthy, and safe, and to help them work harder and more comfortably in poor conditions.

Invest in Orthotic and Safe Footwear

Require that your staff all buy shoes from a specific footwear company that specializes in selling commercial footwear for trade positions. These shoes will be slip-resistant, comfortable for long hours of wear, and keep their feet dry and warm in bad conditions. Giving each employee an allotted amount to spend at the footwear store can protect them and keep insurance and medical expenses at bay.

Work Tools for Wet Weather

When you are purchasing tools for your company, be sure that you can get items that have grips and proper safety features, to prevent slips and loose grips in the rain. You may also want to invest in commercial grade tents to cover job sites and to avoid extra exposure to the rain for your employees. Some tools have water covers.

You always have to worry about liability concerns, workers compensation, and employees getting hurt while they are on the job, especially when you own a business in the trades industry that is labor intensive. You currently stress that someone is going to get sick or hurt while working in cold weather and the rain, it's time to do what you can as the business owner to make sure that everyone has what they need to work safely. Getting all the items ordered in bulk, in the same color, and maybe even customized can help you look more professional as well.

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