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Why Timers Are Important For Golf Course Sprinkler Systems

by Gene Chapman

Keeping your golf course looking good is a big job, and it probably requires a sprinkler system. One thing that you might not have done yet, however, is purchasing a timer for your sprinklers. These are a few reasons why it's important to buy a good-quality, accurate timer for the sprinkler system that waters your golf course.

Ensure the Golf Course Gets Watered Regularly

First of all, it is probably important to you to ensure that the golf course gets watered regularly. Otherwise, during the hot summer months and during periods of dryness, you have to worry about the grass browning and dying. Since people like to see lush, green grass on golf courses in most cases, installing a timer to ensure regular watering is critical. Then, you can keep your golf course grass looking green and healthy all year long.

Ensure It Doesn't Get Watered Too Often

Even though watering your golf course on a regular basis is certainly important, you do not want to do it too often. Just as not watering your grass often enough can cause it to die, watering it too frequently can cause it to "drown" and die as well. With a timer in place, along with making sure that it gets watered often enough, you can also help ensure that it does not get watered more often than it should be.

Prevent Unpleasant Experiences for Golfers on Your Course

When the members of your golf club or any visitors are at your golf course, you probably want them to have a good experience. Unfortunately, the last thing that they will probably have is a good experience if the sprinklers go off at the wrong time and leave them soaked. This is something that can happen if you don't have a timer in place or if your timer is faulty, so installing a timer and making sure that it is set based off of the times when your golf course is opened or closed is important.

As you can see, if your golf course sprinkler system does not have a timer in place, then a few different problems could arise. Luckily, these timers are quite affordable, and there are various models, so you should be able to find one that will work well with your system. If you talk to someone from the company that installed the sprinkler system on your golf course, you can find out more about sprinkler timers and what you will need to do to have one installed on your sprinkler system.

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