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Choosing A Better Company

Tips For Booking A Guest Speaker For Your Event

by Gene Chapman

It is common for official gatherings of businesses, churches or other organizations to have a guest speaker to address the attendees. While these speakers can be an effective option for motivating and informing the guests, the process of hiring a guest speaker can be somewhat different than what you may have anticipated. Therefore, if you are tasked with this particular responsibility, you will need to have a plan in place for ensuring that your experience booking a guest speaker is a success for your organization and those attending the event.

Obtain Quotes From Multiple Speakers

The costs of reserving a guest speaker are likely to be among the larger expenses that you will have to pay. Not surprisingly, you will want to be sure that you are maximizing the quality of the speaker that your budget can support. To this end, you should make sure to obtain quotes from multiple speakers. It is a reality that speakers can charge vastly different prices for their services. By obtaining quotes from several different speakers, you should find that comparing these costs will be easier for you to do.

Determine The Supplies The Speaker Will Require

Each speaker will likely have a unique set of needs that they will require to be met for their speech. For example, many of these professionals may require the use of a projection system. When you are contacting these professionals to obtain quotes or to book their services, they will provide you with a list of the things that they will require. In situations where you are unable to provide them with the supplies that they need, it may be possible for them to bring these supplies with them, but there will be an additional cost in most cases.

Be Aware Of The Cancellation Policy For The Speaker

There can be situations where it is necessary for you to cancel the event or speaker. When this is the case, there will often be a cancellation fee that must be paid or a deposit that will be forfeited. Not surprisingly, you will want to avoid as many cancellation fees as possible. When you are booking a guest speaker from a company like eSpeakers, you should learn about their policies regarding cancellations. This will ensure that you know when you must cancel the speaker to avoid these fees as well as precisely what you can expect to be charged if you miss the cancellation deadline. Make sure that you write this information down and store it in a safe place so that you can review it in the event a cancellation becomes necessary.