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Choosing A Better Company

3 Good Reasons To Use Shipping Tubes For Your Important Business Communications

by Gene Chapman

Whether you're mailing invoices to customers, sending payments to vendors, or providing contracts to colleagues, there are many good reasons to consider mailing your correspondence in tubes instead of envelopes. Following are just three reasons to consider.

Worry Less About Ruined Paperwork

One of the best reasons to think about mailing your correspondence in tubes is to ensure that they don't accidentally get ripped or ruined in transit. Because mail is transported in big batches there is always a chance that something could happen to your envelopes such as one getting torn, a seal being opened somehow and something important falling out, or paperwork being crushed so much that it can't be read or signed any longer.

When something gets ruined, you'll have to go through the trouble of reprinting your correspondence, packaging it, and paying to mail it out again before you can move on with a colleague, vendor, or client. But mailing your correspondence in tubes will make everything easier for the postal workers to keep track of. Your tubes will be stored and transported with other similar types of packaging, so they should stay secure during transport. They'll also be less likely to get stepped on or lost in the shuffle.

Make Sure Nothing is Overlooked

No matter who you are sending correspondence to, chances are that you aren't the only one they are getting mail from. If any of your recipients tend to get a lot of mail, you may find that your envelopes get misplaced or overlooked once they're received. The overlooked correspondence may never be found, or it might take weeks to be processed. You can avoid these challenges by mailing your correspondence in tubes.

The tubes are easy to spot, and they can't simply be put in a pile with other envelopes. Recipients will remember to open the tubes quickly so you can get the answers you need, get paid, or have an account credited for a payment you've made.

Enhance Digital Copies of Your Correspondence

You can roll your correspondence up instead of fold it when tube shipping, which means that it won't be riddled with wrinkles when your recipients receive it. They'll be able to easily copy or photograph the correspondence for their records without having to worry about crease lines creating distortions. They'll appreciate the special care that you take to ensure that their paperwork gets to them in pristine condition, as if it had been delivered in person.