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Choosing A Better Company

Want To Really Amp Up Your Transcription Rate? Upload It To An Online Transcription Site

by Gene Chapman

If you've got a bunch of dictation waiting to be transcribed, and your usual transcription service hasn't been available or hasn't been able to keep up with what you've produced, look at online medical transcription services. While these might not seem that different from sending recordings to a company that then assigns them to a transcriptionist, there are some subtle differences.

Access to the Same Recording

One difference is that, depending on how the online site has its databases set up, you and the transcriber may have access to the same recording. If that sounds confusing, look at it this way: When you send a recording, say a tape or MP3 to a transcription company, the transcriber will have access to a copy of the recording, but you won't be able to hear the exact same copy any more. You'll have your copy. So if something happens to the transcriber's copy as it's being sent to him or her, you won't know how the recording was affected.

However, if you submit your recording online as part of an account, and the site you use lets you access the recording from your account, then you and the transcriber will have access to the exact same copy of the recording. If the transcriber says that something is unintelligible, then you can access the recording and hear what the transcriber heard. That makes it easier to fix those issues because you won't have to send new copies; you'll just have to let the transcriber know what you said, and you'll know to be more careful next time.

Faster Transfer

This can vary by site, but in many cases, once you upload your recording, it will be available immediately. It won't have to be sent to anyone, with transit time increasing your wait time. You may still have to wait for someone to choose it, but in many online transcription communities, good recordings are snapped up quickly.

More Opportunity

You also may have a wider transcriber pool to work with. Transcription companies have stables of transcribers, but online sites tend to have many transcribers checking in for work. Your recording could be chosen very quickly instead of hanging around for a bit. That sort of speed could make a dent in your recording backlog quite quickly.

Check out each site and see how the features would benefit you. You'll find a site that works for you and that gets your recordings transcribed quickly.