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Choosing A Better Company

Making Furnace Installation In Your Manor Easier: How You Can Assist

by Gene Chapman

Manors are immense homes. They require more than just one furnace to keep every room warm. If you need to replace a furnace or install a second or subsequent furnace, the biggest obstacle you have is the path to the basement or cellar. Here is how you can help your furnace installation expert get that furnace to where it has to go.

Cellar Doors

If the only access point to the underground of your manor is a set of cellar doors, make sure that the doors are unlocked and open wide on the day of the furnace installation. Also, the path to the cellar doors should be clear of high grasses, weeds, and other lawn debris. If the entrance into the cellar has a low ceiling, be sure to tell the HVAC technician that so that he/she can plan ahead and bring equipment that can ease the furnace into the cellar without damage to the furnace or injury to him/herself.


If your manor has a basement instead (which is a little unusual, since most manor homes were built prior to the times that basements were common), examine the path into the basement. How easy is it for someone with a large appliance to go from a door to the basement door? The HVAC company installing your furnace will also want to know how wide your front door and your basement door are. Take measurements for them, in case they have to break down the furnace and bring it into the manor in pieces.

Additionally, if there is an entry door in your manor that is closest to the basement door, this might be the best option for entering your manor. Measure this doorway as well so that the installation crew has the option of entering from this door rather than your front or rear entrance door. Then make sure that the path from either entry door to the basement is quite clear and easy to steer around.

Give the Installation Crew a Wide Berth

With a furnace installation, you want to have a lot of room to move. This is a heavy appliance, and quite often, a large one too. Since you are attempting to provide more heat your manor, your furnaces are going to be quite large. Hence, it is important to create a wide berth for the installation crew to move about your home, if they are doing a basement install. If they are doing a cellar install, clear away what you can and leave the rest to the installation crew.

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