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Choosing A Better Company

Insight To Help You Choose The Most Effective Lighting For Your Jewelry Business

by Gene Chapman

When you walk into a jewelry store, you should be able to expect to view the store's pieces in a number of display cases with lighting that shows the beauty of each piece. Along with the temperature in the store, the type of lighting, its position, and quality can affect the visibility of your jewelry and your customers' experiences and purchasing decisions. Here are some tips to help you choose smart lighting for your jewelry store.

Choose Energy-Efficient Lighting

As you look for a type of lighting for your jewelry store, make sure it is an energy-efficient option, such as LED lighting. Because your jewelry store will need to have sufficient lighting to showcase your stock, this can cause the interior of your store to become warm. Having a warmer store from the lighting will cause your air conditioner to work harder during summer and cost you more. You also don't want your customers to be uncomfortable during their shopping experience because they may leave before making a purchase.

LED lighting generates much less heat than traditional lighting sources to keep your store interior a manageable temperature. And the cost to run LED lighting is much less than other types of lighting.

With LED lighting there are several options you can choose from, such as recessed LED lights and LED ceiling panels. You can also find LED tube lights that fit into a traditional fluorescent lighting panel, which can help lower the cost of switching over to LED lighting.

Position the Lighting Source

It is important to install your lighting on the ceiling inside the store and also have lighting inside each display case. Having lighting coming from all directions helps to show off the beauty of the jewelry and eliminates any shadows over the pieces. As customers lean over to look into a display case, their shadow should never fall upon a piece and dull its shine.

Lighting inside each display case should be installed in the back and on the top of the display case to illuminate each piece from the top and side. Then, the lighting inside your store will illuminate pieces that you take out of their display case for customers to look at closer.

Choose Color-Clarifying Lighting

After choosing and positioning the lighting, make sure the color of light the LEDs give off is appropriate to show your jewelry items. Lighting does not come in all the same color. Some lighting can have a yellow hue to it, and other lighting can be bright white.

Be sure you choose bright white lighting for display cases housing diamonds, silver, and other similar-colored gemstones and pieces. Diamonds, for example, can show off their clarity, cut, and sparkle best in a white light. For warmer-colored pieces, such as rose and yellow gold, you can use a warmer-colored lighting to showcase the pieces' warmer tones.

Contact a company like Showcase Components to learn about lighting options you may like to implement.