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4 Ways You Can Use Spray Foam Insulation

by Gene Chapman

While most houses have traditional insulation installed in their attics or their walls, you can also use spray foam insulation to warm cool spots in the house or for energy saving projects you have been meaning to do. What are the most common ways you can use spray foam insulation in your house? Take a look at what this versatile product can do.

Stop Drafts and Pests

You can use spray foam insulation as a great way to prevent and stop drafts from invading your home. Spray foam can be used in cracks in the wall, along seams, or where support beams connect with each other to stop drafts from occurring.

You can also use spray foam to prevent pests from getting into your house. For example, mice will chew through traditional insulation but spray foam formulas tend to prevent them from gaining access from the outside. These foams are labeled to resist pests and they may keep many insects from entering your home, too.

Fix Bathroom Fixtures

The majority of people will use caulking to fix a leaking shower head or faucet – if it's leaking from the head or tap itself. While this works just fine, you can also use spray foam insulation to fix that problem for you. It is water resistant, cures quickly, and forms a strong bond that will cover the leak or secure an unstable fixture in place faster and more securely than caulk can.

You simply spray it on. Then, once it's cured, carve off any excess foam. You can use this method to fix any wobbly or leaking pipes around the home as well.

Secure Door Frames

You can use spray foam insulation to secure door frames when you replace a door or if you notice that there is a gap between where the door connects to the wall and the door itself. This can let in drafts or moisture from the outside. You can use spray foam to not only secure the door effectively but also to stop any moisture or drafts from coming through.

Seal Regular Insulation

When you are insulating your basement or attic, you will need a way to ensure that the material stays put and doesn't shift over time. You can use spray foam insulation to secure the more rigid insulation into place. You can then either caulk or foam the joint where the insulation connects and also the foundation surrounding it.

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